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The goal of this site is to offer Squirrel Hunters a resource for all things related to Squirrel Hunting. Whether it’s increasing your shooting accuracy, firearms safety or hunting tips, we hope this site can help make your next outing a productive and more enjoyable one.

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**Update: Due to technical issues, the forums have been removed.

As a young boy, I grew up hunting these furry tree dwellers in the hills of Kentucky with my father. Some of my best memories of him come from us sitting on a fallen log, breathing in the fresh air while searching the tree tops for activity. It was in this sacred place that he told me about girls, how to be a man, smoking was bad for you (even though he offered me one anyway), told me about life and passed on some of his favorite stories of his father and his youth. I cherished those times then, and even more now that he’s not around.

Maybe you can take someone with you and pass on some of your own stories and life lessons just like my father did with me, and I will with my daughters as they grow older.

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