D.I.Y. Shooting Sticks – Increase your accuracy


D.I.Y. Shooting Stick for better stability and accuracy

Shooting sticks can range in price from 40$ to over 100$ but there’s no need to break the bank over something that can be made at home for a little over $5.00.


Head out to your local hardware store and pick up the following items:



2- Garden stakes. 5-6 foot in length ( you want them to be about as tall as you are)

1 foot of plumbing tubing (the diameter of the tubing should fit over the diameter of the garden stake)

Nut/bolt (long enough to pass through BOTH garden stakes)

Electrical Tape/ Duct Tape

Creating the shooting stick:


  • Begin by cutting the stakes to chin height.

  • Holding the stakes in front of you, make an “X” shape with the stakes and mark the point they cross at a comfortable height for your shooting preference.

  • Drill a hole through both stakes at the marked cross section and insert the bolt and secure with the nut.

  • Slide one end of the tubing onto one of the stakes about 1-2 inches. Repeat for the second stake. Use the electrical tape to help secure the tubing onto the stakes and hold it in place.




THAT’S IT! Simple!


The shooting stick can be “scissored” closed and open to adjust the height of the rest for your gun. This offers extra stability when aiming and helps improve your accuracy!


Scissor your shooting stick closed completely and it can also be a great walking stick for when you are walking through the woods looking for a good spot to hunt.

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Just to give you an example of how these simple shooting sticks can help you out I wanted to share with you an email from a visitor of the website. I asked if I could share the photo he sent me and here is what he said when I asked him about his first experience using a shooting stick for hunting squirrels:

Feel free to use the picture.
I’m close to 64 and I just started using a 22 two years ago after hunting squirrels for over 40 years with a shotgun. Although I loved the challenge of a rifle, I was continually frustrated by my missed freehand shots. On opening day this past Thursday, I missed two such shots. When I got home I thought about going back to my shotgun but I just didn’t want to give up on the 22. So, I checked out the Internet for DYI shooting sticks.
While the thoughts on your site were my inspiration, I believe the actual design came from a UK YouTube video. After viewing the video, I was off to the local hardware store to buy my $15 worth of materials. Once back home, I had the sticks put together in just a few minutes.
Before dawn the next morning, I was in the woods of Southern Indiana waiting to try out my new shooting aid. After a hour stalk of a fox squirrel high up in a hickory tree, I finally caught side of him.
However, the distance was way beyond my normal range.
But with my new tool, I thought that it was worth a chance. So I set the 22 on the rest, held my breath, took aim, and fired. To my amazement, the squirrel came tumbling down out of the tree top like a rock. When I went to pick him up, I couldn’t believe my eyes, a perfect head shot. This was truly the best shot of my life. Never again will I be in the woods without my shooting sticks. I know that this new tool will let be able to hunt for years to come.
Thanks for the tip !



  1. Thanks for this great and informative article. The video really helped me understand the process better. I think I can handle doing a shooting stick by myself.

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