Warm weather Squirrel Hunting


Tips for Warm Weather Squirrel Hunting

warm weather squirrel hunting


   Hunting season usually begins as the temperature begins to cool down here in Kentucky, but sometimes a warm front will roll in and make the early part of the season unusually warm. High temperatures can cause numerous problems for squirrel hunters but there are also some advantages when the warm days decide to linger. We will discuss some of the advantages of warmer weather squirrel hunting and also look at a few of  the problems associated with the high heat.


   Squirrel hunting in warm weather offers some advantages that many hunters overlook. One advantage is that it allows for hunting in T-shirts and shorts which adds to hunter’s comfort in the woods.  This may not produce any extra squirrels to take home but it sure can be a nice change from the usual hunting gear you’d be wearing. The warmer weather also usually means that you can wear comfortable tennis shoes instead of boots as there should be little mud or snow to walk through. Another advantage is that if you are taking a kid or kids along you won’t have to worry about them getting too cold.


   The primary problem of hunting for squirrels in hot weather is preserving the meat. One thing you could do to remedy this problem is to bring a couple frozen bottle of water with you in a backpack. After killing a squirrel, place it in a plastic bag along with the frozen water bottles to preserve it until you get home. If it is really hot and you plan to be out for several more hours, it may be a good idea to go ahead and skin and gut the squirrel and place it in a plastic bag with the frozen water.


   Another natural problem of hunting in warmer weather are the bugs. Fortunately, squirrels don’t rely too heavily on their keen sense of smell so you can get away with using a some bug spray without impacting your hunting success.  Note: Keep the spray off of your hands or use gloves when handling the squirrel to avoid getting bug spray on the meat.


   If summer decides to linger or if it makes a surprise return, don’t let it hinder your hunting opportunities.  Adapt to the weather and you’ll likely have a fun and productive hunt.


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